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Consulting Services

Godsell Construction Consulting ServicesGodsell Construction Corporation works with you to match the needs of your project. Our field supers, foremen and certified union  laborers bring experience and an unparalleled sense of commitment to every assignment.

Field Supers and Trained Foremen

Our field supers and foremen are construction workers who worked their way up through the ranks – as a result, they know the construction industry inside and out. In addition to time-tested construction techniques, these skilled workers understand the latest in modern construction technology. Their commitment to hard work at the Godsell Construction Corporation bridges the gap between management and the general construction work force. Our supers and foremen build relationships with client management teams and are the driving force that gets the job done.

OSHA Certified Union Labor

As employers, we are responsible for providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees. Whether in the office, on our trucks, or in the field, Godsell Construction Corporation and our union counterparts have made it a goal to promote the health and safety standards set by OSHA. By providing proper training and education, our laborers are able to bring the full force of their skills and experience to your project. Our laborers can become an extension of your existing workers or help benchmark your efficiency to discover new opportunities to reduce costs.

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